Egypt gallery

Looking back over some of my Egypt and Jordan photos from 2007,  I found that I was less than satisfied with the processing on some of the images.    Maybe I’ve learnt a thing or two since then!   In any event,  I decided to go back into the files and reprocess them utilizing some of the tools I now embrace.    Among those tools are the Nik Software Photoshop plugins.

Interesting to note that Nik was recently taken over by Google.  What this means in the long term is not clear,  but one of the welcome initial developments is that the pricing of the Nik plugin suite has come down dramatically.  Considering the options that the software offers,  I think it’s now a bargain.

The processing for all today’s images started in Lightroom,  the first was then taken into Photoshop where the Silver Efex Pro plugin was utilized.   The image is a composite of several frames, about 6 from memory.    The detail in the stones was enhanced without introducing or emphasizing noise in the sky and a sepia toning used.

Pyramids, Giza, Egypt. (monochrome)

The second image,  “Trees and rocks” (now there’s an imaginative title!) was processed in Lightroom alone.   This was an image which I looked at in Color Efex Pro,  but this was one instance where I felt the many options available weren’t really adding anything I liked to the image.    I guess just because you’ve got the tools doesn’t mean you always have to use them,  some discretion is good.

Trees and rocks reflected, River Nile, Egypt

The third image also took the Lightroom to Photoshop route but was then processed through HDR Pro. It required 2 image files for the HDR blend and I tried to keep the effect reasonably subtle. HDR has been given a bad rap in some quarters because the effect has been used to extreme by many enthusiasts and for that matter many pros as well. You don’t have to look too far on the internet to find the appalling “Harry Potter look”, indeed it seems to be the “style” of some rather high profile folks on the web proving once again that having a million fans/followers on social media websites doesn’t necessarily indicate quality.

Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.

For my own taste,  this image goes about as far down the altered reality path as I wish to go.  Indeed I wonder whether I’ve actually strayed too far!

For those wishing to see more of my Egypt photos,  you can check out my Egypt-Jordan photo gallery.    I’ll be adding further images to the gallery as time allows.    ~KD