Golden Langur Monkey

Whilst travelling through the north east Indian state of Assam,  one of the interesting encounters I had was with the rare and endangered Golden Langur Monkey.   Found in western Assam, India, and in neighboring Bhutan,  it is one of the most endangered of the primate species with just over 1000 left in the wild and a very restricted range.

The city of Guwahati lies on the banks of the Brahmputra River and from there I took a boat ride to Umananda Island,  one of several small islands within the river and home to a small colony of langurs.    On this island the monkeys are quite accustomed to seeing people and have no fear of them.  Whilst their normal diet consists of leaves and fruit,  they will take food from visitors and I observed several people hand feeding them cake!

Golden Langur Monkey, Umananda Island