Hong Kong, abstracts, candids, reflections

Back home in Melbourne and it's time to make an effort to get my Hong Kong and Japan photos sorted,  processed and published to the blog.    Today's images are from the Hong Kong leg of my January-February travels.   Unfortunately my time in Hong Kong coincided with a period of sustained dreary weather and I think this is borne out in some of the images presented.    I found myself taking candid shots of people,  abstracts and being drawn to colourful reflections. Don't walk, Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Carrying an umbrella during my stay was essential!

Pedestrian crossing, Hong Kong

Above is the colour version of an image which I published previously as a toned monochrome,  see dreary days in Hong Kong.    Perhaps on reflection (no pun intended) I prefer the colour version as it makes the most of the reflected golden light.  In any event,  the graphic lines and shapes are important to either version.

Delivery van, Hong Kong

Without the caption,  you may have to look closely to figure out the above image.    Again I was attracted to the graphic elements,  the chinese characters.   I must confess,  I have no idea what the writing actually says.

Ferry terminal window, Hong Kong

Above another image that relies on graphic lines, shapes and composition to be effective.

Texting, Hong Kong

Above,  taken at a bus stop near the Hong Kong star ferry terminal.    A quirky look at the modern obsession with mobile electronic communications!    :-)  KD