Rusting away, Midway Atoll.

Midway Atoll is historically significant as the site of a pivotal air and sea battle during World War Two,  some rusting relics from that era remain.    Steel supports for what were piers now rust in the sea water.

Rusting in the sea, Midway Atoll

Rusting dock, Midway Atoll.

Abandoned bunker exterior, Midway Atoll.

Concrete bunkers now crumble due to war time damage and faulty construction methods (they used seawater rather than precious fresh water when mixing the concrete,  the salt has since leached out) revealing corroding steel reinforcing.

Crumbling concrete, Midway Atoll.

Restricted area, Midway Atoll

Seabees logo, Midway Atoll.

The name Seabees was derived from Construction Battalions.    During world war 2 it was recognized that people would be required to construct airfields,  port facilities, etc, in combat zones,  hence the US Navy recruited tradesmen of all types into those battalions.   On Midway they built a runway for aircraft as well as the now crumbling defensive bunkers.     The fighting bee logo survives despite the corrosion!    ~KD

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