Woman at window, Varanasi

A woman stands at a window looking over the Ganges at Varanasi, India.

Woman at the window, Varanasi, India.

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 70-300mm DO zoom lens at 300mm and F5.6, shutter speed 1/1000 second at ISO 1000.

One of the pleasing things that occurred this week was discovering this photograph when going through some of my India files.   “Woman at window, Varanasi”,  is a shot that I don’t specifically recall taking.    It was one of several images that I captured with the 70-300 mm zoom lens whilst drifting down the Ganges in a boat.   I took a series of about 6 shots of this woman as she gazed out from her window,  experimenting with different compositions.  In the end I think this is the most satisfying of the series.

The image is a fairly classic “rule of thirds” composition but there are several other things happening here that I’m pleased with.   The light coloured dress of the woman contrasts well with the dark interior of the room behind her,  her posture with her hands up to her face is interesting,  the wall itself is full of texture,  colours and repeating lines and graphic elements.  Finally there is the cable strung across the bottom half of the image and forming a crescent shape,  to me this seems to act as a compositional counter point to the woman at the window.

Processing wise,  the image has had little done to it.    A slight lens correction was applied to counter some minor pincushion distortion which occurs with the zoom at its 300 mm end.    The image was straightened and minor adjustments made to contrast and colour saturation,  in Lightroom.     The image was then taken into Photoshop where some image sharpening was applied and the conversion to jpeg format was carried out.